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My name is Emily Bronzini. I’m a 23 year old singer/songwriter/musician. I have been compared to the likes of Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, etc., but I especially enjoy being compared to no one but myself; just a pop/rock singer with some killer original material that you would enjoy listening to.

As an artist, I write and perform my Pop/Rock songs.

As a songwriter, I enjoy writing songs of different genres (country, pop, theater/musicals, movies, etc.), both for male and female artists to sing.

I’ve been singing and writing music for quite some time now, coming up on 12 years. I received the semi-finalist placement in the national songwriting competition Song Of The Year recently for my song “Too Bad” and that was an extremely proud moment for myself. Especially since that’s one of my favorites that I’ve written.

It’s been a tough and narrow road, these last few years, trying to make a name for myself in the music industry. But I believe that if you’re passionate about something and if you work your butt off trying to get better at it, an important opportunity will one day arrive and you will be prepared for it. And nothing will be able to stop you.
So I’m just a 23 year old girl, working hard and preparing myself for whatever opportunity comes next.

Thanks for reading! Head on over to my “Media” page to listen to my music.

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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow Emily!!! That was an amazing experience I felt like I was actually there with you when you were telling your story…well anyways I love you and I hope to see you soon!!! And btw nice guitar

  2. I saw you pop up on Sugar Shack Sessions on Instagram. I don’t see the performance up yet on YouTube but I love your faith and story. Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to hear your music.

  3. I’m looking to take some guitar lessons I know nothing at all .I am a senior and I would like to know if I can take this up as a hobby . I need someone that will tell me if I’m wasting my time or I might be able to learn .

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